ASHRAE Membership Registration Walkthrough

First things first, who is the typical ASHRAE member?
Members are represented by consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners, employees of manufacturing companies, educational institutions, research organizations, government, architects, students or anyone concerned with HVAC&R for the built environment.

Overview of Membership Fees:
There are two annual membership fees associated with being a member of ASHRAE Hamilton:

ASHRAE Society Membership Fee + Local Chapter Dues

Step 1) Select Membership – Which membership type is right for you?
After completing your personal information in the online Join ASHRAE form, you will be asked to choose a membership. So the question is, which membership is right for you? Below, we review each starting with the options with the least cost. 

Student = $25 USD FREE!

Designed for all students, at any level of study, who are considering a career in HVAC&R. Two important notes for students: 

    • Local Chapter Dues are not charged to the Student membership. This is part of the reason Student memberships are free.
    • The other reason Student members are free: The ASHRAE Hamilton Chapter reimburses Student memberships in full. After completing your registration, email to be reimbursed by the chapter.

And something to keep in mind if you remain interested in the industry in your final graduating years…  if you have been a Student member for at least one year, you can utilize ASHRAE’s SmartSmart program after graduating college/university to jumpstart membership to Associate at low cost for 3 years. New program prices are (for 3 years respectively): $25 + $100 + $130 = $255 USD for 3 years.

Affiliate = $65 USD

Affiliate grade is the lowest cost for non-students and is for individuals who are new to ASHRAE (no previous membership in ASHRAE) and are age 30 or younger.

Affiliates can still join a committee This is a great entry option to join ASHRAE as long are not looking to utilize the following Full Member & Associate benefits:

    • One free Winter or Annual conference registration
    • Selecting One Annual Benefit (ASHRAE Standard, eLearning Course, Handbook)
    • Complimentary first year access to Handbook Online
    • Be a committee chair, hold office or vote.

Member & Associate = $260 USD

The price for Member & Associate is the same. The difference between the two is that full “Member” requires 12 years or more ASHRAE approved experience in the HVAC&R industry. There are some Society positions that require a minimum number of years as full “Member”, but other than that, both have full benefits of new and renewed membership with ASHRAE. 

To advance to Full Member grade, update your ASHRAE bio to include your education, work and professional licensure in your profile. Once complete, email that you wish to be considered for grade advancement.

Summary of Membership Types & Benefits:

Step 2) Change your assigned chapter to “HAMILTON” 
The form will attempt to assign the closest chapter based on the address entered. Sometimes Toronto will be the default in error, make sure you update to Hamilton if you intend on participating with the Hamilton Chapter. Setting your assigned chapter to Hamilton ensures we are notified after you register. 

Step 3) Pay Chapter Dues 

Chapter Dues = $65.89 USD

Paying Chapter dues directly supports Hamilton Chapter events and initiatives. Plus, as a chapter due paying member, you can take advantage of the Hamilton Member Benefits outlined here:  Join – ASHRAE Hamilton

Welcome to ASHRAE Hamilton!
If you followed the steps above and completed the registration form… welcome to ASHRAE Hamilton! Congratulations on joining our community. Someone will be contacting you shortly with more information on getting access to member sign in on the website. We look forward to meeting you and hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, contact us at

Other Useful Resources:

Get Your Employer on Board:
Most employers are happy to support involvement in a professional society like ASHRAE.

Personalize this template email to get your employeer on board. Support My ASHRAE Membership

Connect-A-Colleague Tool:
Quickly invite colleagues to join ASHRAE by simply entering their contact information in the Connect-a-Colleague tool. This pre-written invitation includes options to reference a technical committee section and add a custom message. You will receive a copy of the email sent. Invite a colleague to ASHRAE

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