History Scrapbook

a record of EXCELLENCE since 1959

History Scrapbook

AN Acknowledgement to tHE ONEs RESPONSIBLE

Making of the History Scrapbook

Thank you to George Menzies for creating the original ASHRAE Hamilton Chapter history book. He went above and beyond in creating this valuable chapter resource that will be cherished for years to come. We are grateful for his contribution and proud to have him as a member of our organization.

Thank you to Aaron Besseling for his idea of making the scrapbook into a virtual flip book so the chapter’s history can be easily shared and enjoyed by others. This will ensure that our history is preserved for future generations.

Thank you to all the members that contributed and shared articles, artifacts and information about the chapters history.

We wish to continue the legacy of the history scrapbook and continue to add pages (digitally or otherwise) as the years go on. If you have anything to contribute please reach out to the Chapter Historian at history@ashraehamilton.org.


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