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Committee Name
Chapter Technology Transfer
Aaron Besseling
Fiifi Markin
Student Activities
Nabeel Tariq
Mark Long
Young Engineers in ASHRAE
Marco Ciallella
Research Promotion
Mitchell Rohrer
Government Affairs
David Lionga
Membership Promotion
Stan Holko
Christopher Hofland
Women in ASHRAE
Robyn Ellis
Frank Mesicek
David Rasmussen

We'd Love to Hear from You!

Whether you have a general inquiry, you want to get involved, or you want to organize a specific initiative, our volunteer team is happy to support!

CTTC: Volunteering for the CTTC committee, Speaker/Topic Recommendations, Venue Ideas, Tour Ideas, Submitting an application of a completed building design for the ASHRAE Technology Award, Organizing Technical Training, Joining a Technical Committee, Organizations looking to collaborate for a speaker or event. 

SA: Volunteering for the SA Committee (university/college alumni wanted!), Looking for Resources to promote STEM in K-12, Student Branch Support, Students wanting to participate in ASHRAE opportunities, such as sponsorships, competitions, conferences, and events, Collaborate with Students on Research Projects or Other Initiatives.

YEA: Volunteering for the YEA Committee, Organizing a social event such as a local pub night or activity, Interest in participating in YEA opportunities such as: HVAC Design Scholarship, Leadership Academy, Leadership Weekends, LeaDRS & Leadership U Programs.

RP: Volunteering for the RP committee, Organizing a RP fundraising event (examples: tours, fantasy sports bracket, virtual training event, social event, fishing tournament, casino night, bakery event, 5K run/walk, corn hole tournament, golf tournament), Information on contributing to ASHRAE Research Canada and current projects/initiatives.

GA: Volunteering for the GA committee, Sharing thoughts on issues related to the built environment that should be addressed by local, provincial and national government bodies, Elected officials seeking guidance related to the built environment, To learn more about ASHRAE’s Standard, Guidelines and other technical and educational resources that are relevant to government bodies and officials. 

MP: Volunteering for the MP committee (recruiting chair & retention chair wanted!), To seek guidance or provided feedback on how to promote ASHRAE membership, To learn more information about ASHRAE member benefits. 

COMM: Volunteering for the COMM committee, Submitting news, updates or an article to share on the website and Airways newsletter, Supporting Communication committee initiatives such the Airways newsletter or website. 

WiA: Volunteering for the WiA committee, Organizing a WiA social event or activity, Women in the industry looking a network, Anyone interested in promoting women’s participation in the built environment.

ESG: Volunteering for the Sustainability committee, Organizing a Sustainability Activity focusing on energy and carbon reduction, sponsorship of a community sustainability project, venues with an established and current sustainability plan looking to host an ASHRAE event. 

HIST: Volunteering for the History committee, Contributing ASHRAE-related historical news, records or artifacts.



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